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We are creating a movement of empowered people. Through powerful self-discovery we create an environment of inspiration, acceptance, and empowerment.

This is your MePower…. Start living it now!

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Who you are is your greatest impact. Your deepest impact is in you embracing and offering the whole of your being. It is far greater than anything you can do, say, or accomplish. By opening yourself to being all of who you are... those crossing your path will experience such a profound impact, that it will resonate in their soul. The impact won’t come from what their eyes see or their ears hear... the impact will come from what their souls feel when around your being. You already are the greatest impact.

- coach Matt

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Create Awareness / Discover Abundance

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Full Self-Trust / Authentic Service

How We Create Empowerment



Coach Matt creates an environment that fosters openness with acceptance to all stages of your journey. You will discover that your experiences and reactions are a result of your internal mental/emotional states. Own these states of being and begin experiencing abundance in all aspects of life.

Self Belief


Coach Matt centers attention on, and creates awareness of, your highest self. Your creative energy will awaken the mind’s powerhouse and personal growth begins. You will start radiating confidence, success, and abundance - allowing those you come in contact with to feel inspired.

Head heart Connection


Coach Matt directs the questions based on the belief the answers lie within you. True empowerment begins when you recognize your innate ability to create greatness and manifest success. You will be guided to reconnect with your confidence and solution-creating abilities… your MePower.




Empowerment Center

With a highly creative and interactive space, individuals, teams, and groups have the unique opportunity to engage in deep transformational experiences and discover living empowered.

Empowerment Center

With a highly creative and interactive space, individuals, teams, and groups have the unique opportunity to engage in deep transformational experiences and discover living empowered.

Matt Olschner

Meet Coach Matt

As an international certified professional coach, speaker, and author, he is passionate about empowering individuals to live inspirational lives that create fulfilling experiences. Coach Matt has been involved in the coaching environment since 2005, bringing transformational experiences to individuals, families, and teams. He has coached individuals and teams across the globe and continues to spread his empowering message to a worldwide audience.

"Matt has been working with my son for over 7 years now and has been nothing short of amazing. He is able to push my son to be a stronger swimmer and when he gets resistance he asks questions from every angle to be able to verbally work through what the resistance is and go beyond it."

​"He not only coaches about the physical aspects of swimming but helps coach the student mentally. His rapport with kids is amazing and he treats them like adults while still respecting the fact they are children and need to be kids."

- Jennifer Brooking

"Coach Matt's quality of coaching is unmatched. Whether he is coaching one-on-one or a full class, he makes sure no student walks away without at least one valuable nugget of advice regarding their stroke!"

"My son has incredible respect for Coach Matt and he intends to keep him as his coach throughout his swimming career. Without question, regarding Coach Matt's philosophy of coaching, my son has a bright future in swimming competitively! He helped bring out my son's natural talent, instilled a strong disciplined work ethic and helped hone his swim technique that typically is seen in much older athletes."

- Christian Vetsch

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Coach Matt Moments

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Testimonial from Justin Shaw

May 14, 2021
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A Fascinating Time…..

March 27, 2020

What a fascinating time we are in right now! Many might replace the word “fascinating” in that last sentence with something completely different. I use that word specifically, as it allows me a different perspective of everything I come across. Over the past year, I took part in a total immersion, international, a leadership training program …

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The Power of “Self” (A True Quarterback Story)

November 14, 2019

I was blessed with the opportunity to coach an extremely talented young man. He is a nationally ranked high school quarterback with aspirations to be at the top of the league amongst NCAA quarterbacks as well as being a standout student amongst his peers and a loyal friend. We will call him Brett, as I …

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