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We are going to create a global community of empowered individuals. No more stalling. Ignite your creativity today and live a full-inspiring life of greatness.

Develop an Elite Mindset

Through dynamic and interactive life coaching we will bring your heart and mind into alignment, creating an open channel between your emotions and thoughts, allowing you to live in flow with your MePower.  Awareness, success, and creativity flourish when you are in flow with your MePower.

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Create Awareness / Discover Abundance

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Full Self-Trust / Authentic Service

Path to MePower

The journey of identifying your aspirations. Begin living aligned with your aspirations/goals and allow them to become your reality.

The belief system we have built in our subconscious. This system drives our choices and actions. Identify the programming and begin to rewrite the belief pattern through we want through intentional self-talk.

The mindset that calls in peace, compassion, and perspective when feelings of being lost, anxious, lonely, overwhelmed, stressed, or fearful emerge. When you own your mindset you create your own mental/emotional environment.

Allows for the mindset’s transformation. Begin to manifest your confidence, self-security, control, clarity, drive, and high self-value.

Who are you choosing to be, daily, that is enabling your abilities to go to the next level in your current arenas… academics, music, sports, art, home, etc.

Through intense mental & emotional fitness coaching, self-imposed limits are discovered and the path to success is revealed. Take your self-awareness to the next level and start winning today.

Practice with Intention

Youth / Young Adults

I have coached with youth and young adults for the past 16 years. I have developed the capacity to recognize and heal the gap between the desires and receptiveness of the child and the intentions and conveyance of the parent. Learning to hear and speak the language of the child/young adult has allowed me to create resonance with their current perspective on life, develop a relationship built on trust and safety, and quickly begin to enable growth in their life.

Parents / Families

Through full-family coaching I support the family unit and bring unity and clarity to the home environment. This may look like coaching with the parent(s) one-on-one and then coaching with the child/young adult along with the parent(s). I recognize the unintended impacts we make as parent(s) through the specific language we use when communicating with our child(ren). I help clarify the intentions of the parent(s) as so often they are lost in translation from they conveyer to the receiver. Family members are empowered to hold each other accountable and strengthen their relationships.

Athletes / Teams

I have been in the competitive arena my entire life. Having coached with beginner athletes to Olympic and Professional level athletes, I have developed the awareness of the mindset needed to achieve success at all levels. We all have a degree of psychical strength, technical knowledge, and mental awareness. The command center for all 3 lies within the mind. When we strengthen and harness the abilities of our mind the level of success is limitless and our attention begins to live in the present creating repeated experiences of joy and fulfillment.

Certified Professional Growth

Coach Matt's experience is supported through the following accreditations.

International Coaching Federation Member

International Coaching Federation Member

Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a certified coach

ICF Professional Certified Coach

Professional Certified Coach

Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Certified Coactive Professional Coach

Certified Co-Active Professional Coach

Graduate of the Coach’s Training Institute (CTI) as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

Association for Integrative Psychology

The Association for Integrative Psychology

Member of the Association of Integrative Psychology (AIP) as a Neuro-Linguistic Certified Practitioner (NLCP)

The Process

Since beginning his life coaching journey, Coach Matt has had the privilege of serving thousands by connecting them with their greatness and truth. He uses creative and interactive experiences to set the foundation for power questions that will lead clients of all ages to discover the power and beauty of living empowered.

Rediscovering their confidence and the joy of having a solution-creating mindset. Mastering their ability to focus in all arenas… academics, music, sports, art, home, etc.

Elevating their competition, discovering a winning mindset, and developing the necessary mental and emotional muscles to master their craft.

Navigating the complex web of junior high and high school life; serving them through their transition into high school or college

Create and align with their meaning and values as they begin creating a decisive direction; bringing clarity to their vision as they juggle studies, finances, internships, job applications, and life as an independent.

Creating resonance with the values in the home; understanding the language of their children and the powerful position of guiding their child through life. Reshaping and redefining the “role as a parent” whereto allow harmony, respect, and compassion in the home.

One on One Coaching

"Matt has been working with my son for over 7 years now and has been nothing short of amazing. He is able to push my son to be a stronger swimmer and when he gets resistance he asks questions from every angle to be able to verbally work through what the resistance is and go beyond it."

​"He not only coaches about the physical aspects of swimming but helps coach the student mentally. His rapport with kids is amazing and he treats them like adults while still respecting the fact they are children and need to be kids."

- Jennifer Brooking

"Coach Matt's quality of coaching is unmatched. Whether he is coaching one-on-one or a full class, he makes sure no student walks away without at least one valuable nugget of advice regarding their stroke!"

"My son has incredible respect for Coach Matt and he intends to keep him as his coach throughout his swimming career. Without question, regarding Coach Matt's philosophy of coaching, my son has a bright future in swimming competitively! He helped bring out my son's natural talent, instilled a strong disciplined work ethic and helped hone his swim technique that typically is seen in much older athletes."

- Christian Vetsch

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