What a fascinating time we are in right now! Many might replace the word “fascinating” in that last sentence with something completely different. I use that word specifically, as it allows me a different perspective of everything I come across.

Over the past year, I took part in a total immersion, international, a leadership training program with CTI (the Coach’s Training Institute – world’s leading coaching & leadership institute). Over the course of 10 months, I spent 6 weeks in Spain and 2 weeks in Israel. It took me to mental and emotional depths in order to discover the unimaginable capacity I have to lead and empower me as a life coach. I was set out onto the streets of Sant Pere de Ribes, Spain (a small town 1 hour outside of Barcelona) and had 5 hours to communicate with 10 people, create a connection where they were willing to stop what they were doing and sacrifice their time and money (small amount $$) in order to assist me in my quest and learn from me (no one spoke English and I, unfortunately, do not speak Spanish outside of the 15 words I maybe know). There were no cell phones allowed and no translation books – purely my own inner leader and my ability to overcome any anxiety or hurdle. I learned very quickly how to connect with others across the language barrier, how to speak with my heart and emotions instead of my head and my words. At the end of the 5 hours, I had 10 people who were willingly following me and contributing to my quest of creating a global movement of empowered individuals.

Where does “fascinating” fit in all of this? I learned through one of my leaders that when presented with a situation I never expected, a client saying or bringing forth something that was not on ANY of my mental radars, or a totally unpredicted life experience… to look at it and say “fascinating.”  It allows me to keep my perspective of learning open. The key, is learning. I am ALWAYS learning. I am learning through this crisis that is happening across our country and the globe right now.  I am learning from my 6 year old (DAILY… lol).  I am learning from my clients.  I am learning from other coaches.  I intentionally create my mindset to be open and observant in order to allow for the most learning.

One thing I have learned is that our presence is needed now more than ever. Yes, that is a word. One of my teachers, C. Otto Scharmer (senior lecturer at MIT) defines presencing as… “to connect from the Source of the highest future possibility and to bring it into the now.”  To put it more simply we are manifesting our future through the total connection of who we are choosing to be and what we are choosing to do, RIGHT NOW!   I am bringing these learnings to all I coach and connect with.  Bringing it to you in a way that you can connect with it, resonate with it, embrace it, and most importantly learn from it.  With that learning, you are able to process in the moment, the present, what decision most aligns with who you want to be.